Project 8

A framework for developing generalized plasma sidechains.



Use the Project 8 framework to build high-performance decentralized applications which are protected by Ethereum.

We've done all the heavy lifting to let developers and companies focus on what matters the most: building products.

Developed and sponsored by Lucidity Tech, it is commercially backed and powers Lucidity's digitial advertising decentralized application.


Fast, Private, and Secure

Get the privacy of a private chain, with the security of a public chain.

Project 8 includes a sharded Proof-of-Stake consensus library for creating your own staking token and sharded applications.

Plasma Bank enables non-custodial payments within your decentralized applications using Merkle proofs.


Use Any Language

You can write your decentralized applications using any programming language and application stack.

Take your existing applications and make them into decentralized sidechain applications running on top of Ethereum!

Token Incentivized Sidechains

Andromeda Consensus

Plasma Bank

Development Framework

Building a Sidechain Application

Framework Roadmap